Disney Challenge//Day 20

Favorite Sequel

I have a huge, huge soft spot for Return to Neverland. I really love The Lion King II and The Little Mermaid II (ahh, childhood memories. I can still remember unwrapping both VHS tapes at Christmas), but Return to Neverland and me are the best together. I remember loving this movie when I was younger, but we never owned it. It kind of got pushed back into the dusty corners of my mind until one day, a few years ago, I saw that Disney Channel (yes, you heard me) was airing it. I sat down and watched it, and cried. (Well, I guess I should say teared up, but still.) The idea of growing up hit a little more at home in this one, having a more worldly view of things. At the time I was trying my hardest to seem as grown up as possible, not trying to bask in the joys of my remaining childhood. That movie was sort of an eye-opener that, hey, let me act like a kid for as long as I can! I shouldn’t be trying to grow up when I don’t have to quite yet! Besides that, the music was beautiful. Jonatha Brooks did an excellent job on the cover of “The Second Star to the Right”, and “I’ll Try” is one of the most beautiful songs, and I think it pretty much makes the movie. Also, the ending is always so touching, where Peter sees Wendy all grown up. It’s such a heartfelt moment, and you can’t help but smile though the actual Peter Pan story has an even better ending that’s so bittersweet that your heart literally breaks for Peter. Anyways, like every Disney sequel, it didn’t live up to the first film, but this one was still really good. Still a little cheesy and lacking in the animation quality, just like the rest, but a true and touching story that I seriously enjoy. 

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