GUISE. I got my dress for Dapper Day!

I found it at a local vintage store! Now I just need shoes, a purse, and accessories for it! Any ideas?

August  11   •  15  •   ( + )
  1. em-believable answered: I think magenta heels like these… would go great!
  2. mermaidsahoy answered: Beautiful! I think your best bet would be to look at antique and more vintage stores for the accessories.
  3. insolentchild answered: Oh gosh, I’m going too! and I’d suggest something, but I have no idea what’s in your closet!
  4. nine-days-queen answered: I think a pair of white shoes would look cute. If you’re going for heels, a wider, shorter heel. Flats would work as well.
  5. h4kuna--m4tata answered: get egg shell white accessories or baby pink haha anything from forever 21 like that and you should get shiny egg shell white shoes
  6. x3brianahelenx3 answered: Tan heals or flats with little bows, and either a headband or hair bow and maybe pearls if you wanna go with jewelry :)
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