alright alright time to call it a night because I have class tomorrow and it’s the last day of classes before finals and then I’m going to disney and then work in liberty square so BYEEEEEE

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tangled color palletes [x]

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Ariel (on Flickr)

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My plan for today was to go to the easter service at the church I like down here, and then be productive and clean and maybe make myself and nice meal. But then I found out that I apparently had to pick up a pass for the easter service to make sure I got a seat and they are all gone at the campus I go to and that made me sad. So now I am just folding laundry and watching Pride & Prejudice and possibly making a new edit and no one is here in my apartment everyone went home and I am currently eating my weight in starburst jellybeans ~**~*HAPPY EASTER*~**~

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Words can’t describe how beautiful this is.

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Also apparently there are no open shifts for me to pick up so that’s great that’s swell that’s totally going to pay for living I don’t need food or gas to get me to work or anything really I’m fine I’m tO taLLy fiNne

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I am seriously so mad at work right now like seriously

They’ve been scheduling me only on Tuesdays and Thursdays and not on Fridays, which is my 3rd day of availability, and when I actually requested a Friday off, that’s THE ONLY FREAKING DAY THAT I AM SCHEDULED LIKE SERIOUSLY??!?!!!?!?!! ONE DAY!!?!!!??!?!?!!!!!?!????!?

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— Anonymous  

S - The Scientist by Coldplay

H - Hazy by Rosi Golan & William Fitzsimmons

Y - Youth by Daughter

L - Letters From the Sky by Civil Twilight

O - Once from the movie soundtrack by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

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Okay, I am running low on decent songs and there are no more “E” songs that I really like out of my iTunes music and I am tired so I am sorry but I can’t do anymore of the name playlists. I’ll finish the ones in my inbox, but any new ones I won’t be able to do.

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V - Viva la Vida by Coldplay

A - The A Team by Ed Sheeran

L - Lordy May by Boy & Bear

E - Elastic Heart by Sia

N - Not With Haste by Mumford & Sons

T - Things That Stop You Dreaming by Passenger

I - In the End by Snow Patrol

N - Not in Nottingham cover by Mumford & Sons

A - And if My Heart Should Somehow Stop by James Vincent McMorrow

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— Anonymous  

T - Terrible Love by The National

A - Arms by Christina Perri

Y - Your Song cover by Ellie Goulding

L - Liz on Top of the World score by Jean-Yves Thibaudet

O - Over the Rainbow cover by Ingrid Michaelson

R - Real Love cover by Regina Spektor

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Jessica :)

J - Janglin by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 

E - Eleanor Put Your Boots On by Franz Ferdinand

S - Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

S - Step Out by Jose Gonzalez

I - I’ve Got This Friend by The Civil Wars

C - Can’t Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson

A - Atlas by Coldplay

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Royal twirling

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